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We take pride in building life-long relationships with our clients. It’s what fuels everything we do! Referrals from satisfied customers and local real estate professionals have always driven the majority of our business.  

At Supreme Lending Willmar, we underwrite, close, and fund loans quickly and at low costs, due to the trust we have established with our investors. As mortgage originators, we have a vested interest in making sure that our borrowers are getting the best-fit loan for their needs. We’re in the business of helping prospective homebuyers get the right mortgage. We offer competitive interest rates and costs, and we can fund loans quickly.   

We manage all our loans in-house with our licensed Loan Officers. This way, we can customize the loan process to each individual client and make sure they are always kept up to date. 

Mission Statement

Supreme Lending Willmar stands firm on our caring promise to provide Supreme service to all our customers and business partners. We do this by providing a welcoming and supportive environment that empowers our team members to attain personal and professional success. We achieve results with accuracy and precision through our people, process, and technology.

About Supreme Lending Willmar’s Culture

Our commitment to being easily available and quick to respond is what makes that kind of success possible.  

To fulfill our mission, we take an individualized approach. We recognize that each customer has unique needs, and we work diligently to meet them. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate life-long relationships with our clients and provide a seamless, smooth, and stress-free homebuying experience while offering competitive interest rates. We want them to know that they can always count on us to be there for them every step of the way. 

We communicate with our customers throughout the entire process, from setting expectations and keeping them updated. We work tirelessly to get all documents to the title company in advance to ensure loans close on time. This builds trust with our customers and gives us referrals from real estate agent partners.  


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A Look Inside Our Company

Past, Present, and Future 

See who we are, where we came from, our mission, and how we can work together to make your homebuying dreams come true. 

About Supreme Lending 

Supreme Lending was founded in 1999 by Scott Everett, a business and mortgage titan. With an extensive business and mortgage background, Mr. Everett secured the respect of mortgage professionals. He is committed to recruiting the most credited Loan Officers and offering industry-leading loan programs. 

Our company continues to grow with new branches penetrating regional markets across the country. With our arsenal of established Loan Officers and staff, we’re proud to provide our customers with a wide collection of loan products at exceptional prices. Our goal is to make dreams come true one home at a time. 

Time and Money

Moving fast is what we do. It’s the best way to ensure you get the keys to your dream home, so we make it our goal is to close and fund your loan in 30 days or less. 

A quick close is key to preventing a potential holdup that may cause the loss of a sale. Our speedy process also garners positive referrals from our real estate partners. 

We’re available for you every business day, after hours and weekends to answer any questions and ensure you have the information you need, to get the home you want, at a competitive interest rate. 

If that sounds good, let’s jump in. 

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