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We’ve refined our loan process to ensure that we’ll meet your closing date, and we strive to fund your loan within one hour after closing. Learning more about the loan process can get you prepared for the next step toward homeownership.

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Loan Application
  • Start the loan application process online, in-person with a Loan Officer, or by email, phone, or fax.
  • Review loan programs to meet your individual needs.
  • Supreme Lending Willmar stays in constant communication with you throughout the loan process.
Loan Set-Up
  • Order residence appraisal.
  • Send client required disclosures.
  • Send applicable entities verification.
Loan Processing

The processor is your source during all processing and compiling of information for loan submissions.


Supreme Lending will perform a review of the loan, an evaluation of the loan application, review  credit and property to determine if they meet program guidelines.

  • Supreme Lending sends prepared documents to the title company
  • Supreme Lending prepares the Closing Disclosure and provides final closing figures.
  • The Loan Officer sends a prepared Closing Disclosure for the borrower’s signature three days prior to closing.

If you need any help after closing, please feel free to call us. We’re thankful for the opportunity to service your mortgage needs.

Sail Through the Home Loan Process with Supreme Lending

At Supreme Lending Willmar, we know the home loan process can be stressful. Our experienced professionals help each customer learn the timeline of securing a mortgage. Our dedicated team will be here for you through each step of the home loan process, from the time you finish your application to the moment your loan closes and it’s time to move in. We’ll help you navigate through every step needed to finish your mortgage checklist until you have the keys in hand.

Whether you’re on the hunt for mortgage financing for a primary residence,  second home or a condo, Supreme Lending Willmar has a wide variety of loan programs to help you get you the keys to your dream home. Looking to buy an investment property? We have the loan programs for  that rental home or house flip.

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Supreme Lending Makes the Home Loan Application Process Easy to Understand

When it comes to home loan processing, there’s a lot of specialized terms used in the mortgage industry that you may not have seen before. We don’t want to leave you scratching your head with confusion during your home loan application or any part of the home loan process. That’s why we’ve created our Mortgage Dictionary to cover all the terms you need to know, from ARMs to VA and everything in between. Never be afraid to ask our friendly, experienced professionals any questions you have. 

Let Supreme Lending Willmar Help Get You Your Dream Home

Looking to understand more about how mortgages work? Whether you are brand new to the home loan process or a seasoned pro, we’ve got the answers you need to feel confident and comfortable during the entire home loan process. Have a question about a mortgage or want to explore your options? Feel free to contact us or reach out to our friendly mortgage professionals, who are always here to help.

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